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168 days ago
I have added 1080p as an upload option as well as increased the file size limit to 500MB. Of course this only affects new uploads. Creators should take note and upload new content accordingly.

I have also reduced advertising throughout, and particularly those using the mobile version of the site should have a better experience.

I am working on a simple system that will allow those who are interested to pay a small fee to remove all advertising while viewing the site.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for continuing to watch and contribute on Naughty Machinima.
311 days ago
Just updated the site's software.  720p and 1080p now available.  Increased upload limit to 300MB.  I will increase it higher soon.
If HD videos are slow, I am working on that.  Thanks for your patience.
499 days ago
I just want to mention that there has been a server update, which allows for a LOT more free space for uploads, where the drives were getting filled up again recently.  This is an entirely new server with, like I said, more hard drive space for many more future uploads of your video creations.  I am still having the server optimized, so there may be occasional issues.

Furthermore, I have plans to update the site's aging software so that any reliance on flash will be removed in favor of a full HTML5 solution.  This also means that there will be actual HD resolutions available in the video player.  The release date on this is when it's finished.

When that is taken care of, I will have more notices on the future plans of Naughty Machinima and how we can all work together keep it a great community as well as future improvements.

One more note:

As far as a membership option without ads, which likely most of you have seen while logged in, this isn't going to be a possibility in its current form.  I tried.  The gist of it is that credit card companies are very fickle about content, and even though it's all virtual here, there's no explaining that or accepting payments without removing a lot of content on Naughty Machinima.  While some things are never allowed here, the vast majority is legal and again, virtual, so I see no problem with it.  Either way I can't provide premium memberships through a regular payment processor.

Expect the text about premium options that you see when you're logged in to go away in the near future.

I have some other possible avenues to take on this, but this website will still remain free to view videos as long as it is online.

1050 days ago
Naughty Machinima is now running fully secured while accessing the site via https, and your browser should show a green padlock.  This means a safer and more private browsing experience.

A basic description of SSL:

SSL Certificates, when installed on a web server, activate the padlock and the https protocol and allow secure connections from a web server to a browser.


1238 days ago
Naughty Machinima has been updated with larger hard drives.  The regular flow of incoming videos was filling up the disks, but now there is plenty of room again.
Second, you may have seen some information in your member page about a premium option coming soon.  This will be launched as soon as its ready.
Finally,  there will be some new guidelines regarding advertising and URLs which I will provide details on soon, and allowing for better promotion for those who want it.