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antho3015 - 124 days ago
WillyWanker - 412 days ago
many older videos don't play. i only get the message ''This video is not available on this platform.'' Please fix this.
lexar - 476 days ago
Updated FF browser to 57 now I cannot find a program to download HD videos from this site can you help?
Futawish - 488 days ago
do you have an email?
Avalon - 613 days ago
Any idea what happened to shotz?
All his videos including his user was removed

I am looking for a particular video of his called The Tourist
Smoove - 643 days ago
Hi Muze.

Is it possible for you to make private videos and images hidden from the official playlist? I am tired of seeing private videos/images pile up the official playlist without access to watch it. And no... I dont want to sent them a friend invite. I rather have the videos hidden.
R0y - 697 days ago
Muze thank you for installing a new video player man just want to show my appreciation :-)
Muze - 699 days ago
Yes it is. I've researched it. I told you. There have been convictions in the US. I'm not taking that risk either way. Go to those sites, you're not welcome here.
Cyclegreen - 700 days ago
No, it isn't child porn. It's no more offensive than bestiality is, by the way. This kind of content is only illegal under Canadian law. If this site is hosted in Canada, then I understand. But otherwise it isn't illegal. Exhentai, Nhentai, Hitomi, are all sites that are still operational.
Muze - 700 days ago
Yes some things are simply not allowed. Shota, loli, is child porn, plain and simple. And while it IS offensive, it's also illegal. Yes Virtual Child Porn is illegal. Don't try to argue with me about it, I've researched it and I'm not taking chances. Do you want the site to disappear entirely? No idea what you mean by "crimes against nature." Go ahead and explain before I ban you. Because asking for child porn on this site is zero tolerance and you will get banned.