Ellie x joel / sound sfm

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UndercityIV - 894 days ago
I see SFM popping up all over the place sometimes, this is about the only animator that will go this route. Everyone else is Futa only. Not that there is something wrong with futa sex, I love futa animations. I just rather see more artist do themes that challenge their comfort zones.
Sentientbeing - 1105 days ago
This is seriously soo good!!
boobymanz - 1113 days ago
One of the best animations of all time. This is just all sorts of epic. Standing ovation.
d1rtymonk3y - 1113 days ago
Nice! Love to see some Sarah ones if possible
HypnotiKali - 1113 days ago
Yes, well done here I thought different of what the quality of it was going to be but it turn out to be top notch, sounds the mood, background, the setting simple but urges need to be taken care of! Great work.
Dishonored - 1113 days ago
That's really well done.
But I think Ellie from TLoU part 2 would be a better/more appropriate choice.

Still, amazing work SelfDrillingSMS, well done indeed!
fapmaster - 1113 days ago
Just so we're clear, this SFM animation was by SelfDrillingSMS.
Peonworker69 - 1114 days ago
I'm not into Lolicon, but I would definitely follow your work just for the sheer quality of animation.

Easily one of the BEST animation work out there, but the fetish you do is too vanilla. People who watch fictional porn want to watch something too hardcore for real life porn. I guess lolicon is hardcore but the fucking is still too soft.

If you're going to make fictitious porn, might as well go all the way. Skull fucking, hard anal pounding, more forced sex, etc.
Kai1993 - 1114 days ago
This is by far the best work I've seen in a long while. Keep it up dude
honeyboy - 1114 days ago
nice animation !!! Can you give me a url to download it ?