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UndercityIV - 49 days ago
@zenzaji yeah well, I didn't make any of these myself. But I know what you mean.
zenzaji - 50 days ago
so sad the first video and second had you potentiel.
UndercityIV - 51 days ago
@zenzaji I don't know unfortunately, if I know I always add in the tags.
zenzaji - 52 days ago
hi who is the creator of two in one video you post?
UndercityIV - 55 days ago
I don't have any animations I did myself with my own hands, I'm only posting what I found elsewhere. Therefore I claim no rights or credit to the contents, if it's patreon exclusive material then I won't put it up at all, most content I post will be posted by the original user somewhere else versus posting content they are selling to people that support it financial wise. What this means is that if they already posted it up themselves on another website for people to see it without having to pay to access it. Then that's the only way I'll share it. The only thing posted on here I did will include my name on it, if it don't have my name on it, I didn't create it. I wont be too much posting content as Private, that way you won't have to request an add just to look at it. I guess it depends on what I put up on here.