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unclecrusty - 72 days ago
Do you still make content? I love your stuff
dragonb13 - 605 days ago
Annnndddd my desktop has crashed >_>
dragonb13 - 605 days ago
I realize how much I've been lacking in posting content on here, so what I will try, and do is post some of the animations that I've been working on. They need to be cleaned up A LOT, and I think that's been the discouragement of my lack to work on these. I've also been looking into learning DAZ3D, and hope to make animations in that too.
dragonb13 - 827 days ago
Hello everyone! I've been gone for a while. A lot has happened. Long story short, I now have a lot more privacy, and once I get situated, and get my computer setup improved, maybe I'll look into making these again.
dragonb13 - 946 days ago
Apologizes everyone for my absence. Life has been very busy to say the least. I have not forgotten about my projects. I've lost a lot of motivation to do this stuff, but once I grab that back, I will continue onward! AT THE VERY LEAST, I do plan on uploading some test videos, so you guys won't think I'm just over here slacking ;)
dragonb13 - 994 days ago
Hope you guys enjoyed the Pokemon video! Now back to business: Anna and Elsa ;)
dragonb13 - 1005 days ago
Hey guys. Life has been busy...and I'm about to get side tracked again.
dragonb13 - 1039 days ago
Ohh, ohh! And a funny short epilogue to Elsa's Dragon, Anna's Dildo - GOF might be in the works.
dragonb13 - 1039 days ago
Alright guys, the next video coming up is Anna's Farm Wolf Part 3 (Werewolf). I've delayed that series enough, so I'm going to finish it up, and export the animations as is. Next will be Anna's Farm Horse Part 2 feat. Elsa. The animation in that is a little better, since it's newer. Once those are finished, I will be using Lord Aardvark's new Frozen models (provided everything works correctly).

Side note: I am thinking about redoing Anna's Farm - The Pig, but with sound. Once that's done, I will be doing randoms with Elizabeth. I've been neglecting that model.
dragonb13 - 1039 days ago
Link to Elsa's Dragon, Anna's Dildo - GOF: