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1101 days ago
Naughty Machinima has been updated with larger hard drives.  The regular flow of incoming videos was filling up the disks, but now there is plenty of room again.
Second, you may have seen some information in your member page about a premium option coming soon.  This will be launched as soon as its ready.
Finally,  there will be some new guidelines regarding advertising and URLs which I will provide details on soon, and allowing for better promotion for those who want it.

1106 days ago
Naughty Machinima users, please take note of the following. 

  • Do not upload any content that does not belong to you - as in not created by you - unless you have express permission to do so and can verify that fact.

  • No videos less than 20 seconds.  They will be removed.

  • Don't upload any videos or images that have URLs or watermarks embedded in the video.  This includes content from other video websites or 3D porn sites.  They WILL be deleted.  

  • If you have Patreon sites, clips4sale pages, blogs, or otherwise you wish to advertise, contact me for advertising rates.

Thanks for keeping Naughty Machinima about good, clean 3D porn!