Family Rules, part 5 - "Birthday."

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soniascircle - 223 days ago
As a group of dykes we have no problem with heightening the pleasure of our darling boys...what ever it takes!
SushiRice - 414 days ago
A fan of your models and animations. You're usually one of the first few uploaders I check on when I sign in lol.

Would love to see some content with some mom x son without futa though. I'm sure others may agree.
Zakko - 427 days ago
The same happens to me BlackSheepOvca.
BlackSheepOvca - 427 days ago
I made so many answers, but... "Please do not spam!"
Zakko - 430 days ago
td175691, it's all subjective. But I'd be interested in seeing both our suggestions being a thing if possible.
td175691 - 430 days ago
I couldn't disagree more with other posters complaining about the story. I strongly hope the cuckolding continues in this way (though I respect whatever direction Ovca takes).

I just don't understand why you'd get choked up over Josh. He's vindictive, negligent, and oblivious: perfect cuckold material. He accepts a "rule" that his mother clearly made up on the spot and proceeds to take advantage of her when she's drunk, even leaving her in the alley.

I hope this is the turning point for Nancy, where she slowly begins to shift allegiances, until she finds herself craving the mother's cock more and more, eventually switching over completely by the end (while forcing Josh to watch, naturally). And far from vile, I think the mom is extremely sexy. The other two are just naive, and Nancy is beginning to realize she can do better.

My only request is that Nancy be naked in her scenes from here on out: no more pink jacket! :D Altogether though, great work. My favorite series on NM.
velociousbrisk - 434 days ago
I hope josh finds a compromise with them, he's such a nice guy
Zakko - 434 days ago
The story makes a decent chunk of us feel bad. Alternate endings is a good option, if you're willing to work a little extra. Obviously your choice, as the creator.
dankovskimark4 - 434 days ago
Animation is good.But story pisses me off.
All stories about vile c***s ruining healthy reletionships do, I just can't help it.
So help me out and finish the story with guy happy (in conventional, non-perverted way) and his c***-of-the-mother properly punished (in conventional, non-perverted way). Or atleast make alternate ending.
jegbider - 434 days ago
what if they all 3 lay in the same bed and sleep but then the mother wakes up to Nancy rubbing her ass at her mom's cock and she fucks nancy and after fucking Nancy she fuck the son :)