Skyrim Beastly Arena Round 1

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draeneis - 392 days ago
The mods from or skyrim nexus are Newlyna armor, which just has a bunch of pieces that I took off one by one, Sexlab vanilla voices with animations by Billyy, Leito and Anub, the Beggar's Brawl Arena, the Lunari race with KS Hair and like 200 other mods.
amalee501 - 392 days ago
I love the effect of clothes that tears as the animation
Vesyani - 392 days ago
what mods do you use?
draeneis - 392 days ago
Nari has signed up to fight in The Beastly Arena!
Round 1 has begun and the rieklings are ready to go.

Click my name for the HD link because this website has some spam filter here in the comments. 60 fps with my new computer.