Skye Taker POV

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DerberNerd - 376 days ago
would be better if her dick had the same color as her skin.
mezzz005 - 398 days ago
Why'd you delete your old stuff. I feel a little hurt and salty as a fan of yours. One does not simply regain my trust again.
Scourgeslayer - 442 days ago
Today is a glorious day. He has arisen.
ThatGirl69 - 456 days ago
maybe you arent a king.. but that woman's dick sure is perfect.. especially how she pulls it out~ yummy ;)
Tootieloot - 457 days ago
moogan - 458 days ago
I can accept that, I guess.
Fromkov - 458 days ago
I was waiting for stuff to finish installing.
moogan - 459 days ago
*pokes OkaYosh with a scepter* Stop that, I'm not a king! xP
OkaYosh - 459 days ago
The king has returned. \(ouo)/