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SeriphXIII - 268 days ago
This was pretty good can't wait to see part to
Bubbalump - 432 days ago
All these comments complaining about how it was all beastiality, seriously? You act like there is a shortage of regular porn (animated or otherwise) for you to fap to on the internet. Do you know how rare bestiality animations of this quality are?! Chill. Let us have something.
PaPusKa - 561 days ago
Looking for the part 2
WhoresAndWine - 679 days ago
I was pretty excited when I found out there was a fully animated Harley Quinn porno out there, basically just discovered it today, and it was great and pretty much delivered on its wonderful animations and great voice acting. Just the theme wasn't something that delivered as much for myself. Just dogs? No Black Mask maybe having a go at her to humiliate herself and the Joker? I don't know if the dogs even had a place there, maybe just my own opinion. I really hope the next episode does not persist of any dogs, or maybe less dogs and more characters getting involved.
DarkDivaDeluca - 680 days ago
is there some reason intelligent feedback typed into "Comments" keeps getting the please dont spam warning. I mean there were no swears in it not trolling comments and it had 142 chars left un used so what gives?? I mean WTH.
xnxx02 - 739 days ago
this is amazing, please make more
Mattcobra214 - 742 days ago
In my opinion, what studiofow should have done is used tentacled monsters instead. I think that, if you're going to use animals, use tentacled humans instead. For example, have poison ivy summon some plant tentacles. I find tentacles more visually appealing for me than dogs. Hopefully, studiofow will improve soon.
Marissa1200 - 746 days ago
This was a disappointment. Only Harley and bestiality? Not once was I turned on.
bradthebrain - 751 days ago
was really disappointed by this one, only beast action? come on guys, they could've at least included 1 scene with guys instead of beasts.
boobymanz - 751 days ago
Can't help but feel that this would've been better had she been fucked by humans. I get the whole humiliation and degradation aspect, but this is not hot. I hope the next episode is normal stuff and not this weird shit (no damn beasts, no closet gay futa crap, etc). The only reason why I haven't completely written this off is because I'm a Harley Quinn fan. That's it. Other than that, a complete disappointment and first bomb (IMO) from Studio FOW. When I found out FOW was doing a Harley Quinn movie, I practically jizzed my pants. When I found out last Saturday that this was going to be 100% bestiality, I went from hyped to hell and back to this no longer being a blip on my radar.