174 days ago
Just updated the site's software.  720p and 1080p now available.  Increased upload limit to 300MB.  I will increase it higher soon.
If HD videos are slow, I am working on that.  Thanks for your patience.
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Muze - 33 days ago
The dancing ladies have been removed from the mobile version of the website.
The cam ads should now all be silent by default.
HumanPerson - 42 days ago
Can we get some sort of tag search? It’s annoying that I just type in multiple tags and get results containing all keywords
Gabythefox - 66 days ago
We have a lot of videos whit :
Unexpected error! Please contact us and tell us more how you got to this page!

Please chek it out for more pleasure !
xxxsephirothxxx - 75 days ago
This site is literally unusable now with the awful pop up ads everywhere, great job!
semen_demon - 75 days ago
Hey, I'm not sure where to post this, but these ads are getting insane for a mobile user. The random ladies are one thing (I can close them off on the page) but the cam ads won't stop unpausing itself, so I just have to have it silent. It just drains my battery massively. I know this must be hard work for little pay off but I'm sure there's better ways to go about this.
HentaiRobot123 - 83 days ago
The website has gotten worse. These pop up ads are ridiculous. I can't even use the website anymore.
Muze - 123 days ago
Upload confirmation was fixed several days ago. Next, soon, I will enable 1080p video uploads. Everything is running smoothly and better than ever with a 1Gbit port on the server and newer faster interface for NM users. I think adding 1080p will be no issue. Then I'll increase the upload limit.
Muze - 133 days ago
Hopefully the final message on this, and I have communicate with many of you directly about this, including the two recent commenters here, there was a TYPO in a security rule that my host put in, and had to fix, that seems to have allowed full uploads (up to the current limit of 300mb).

We should be good now. Only remaining issue is uploads will not provide a confirmation per se after the progress bar is full. Wait a bit and then check the front page or your profile and your video will be uploaded. Working on that last bit still. What's important is that all uploads will work now.
DarkCurator - 133 days ago
@Muze, it seems videos need to not be 720p, but 480p or less and less than 200mb to upload. So much for HD and 300mb lol
DarkCurator - 134 days ago
@Krongorka same issue, 12 days ago a video random uploaded, didnt even know, but havent been able to upload at all. Under 300 mb, but 720p hd videos i am trying to upload. Muze, please help out buddy