Lollipop Effect - Juliet, Miranda, Soria

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REGRUN - 1287 days ago
100513 views O_O
aleXrin1990 - 1299 days ago
perfect, sin is missing the audio.
the face, the expression and the physical appearance of the girl with glasses and hair blacks are perfect!
dark0nex - 1303 days ago
Very nice attention to details, the animation was great little things here and their made it feel more realistic. The camera work and shots kept it interesting, facial animations, reactions all great.

Great video.
Flameroko - 1305 days ago
I lost 6:06 minutes of my life to watch this video... totaly worthed! Amazing job.
dogsnr - 1316 days ago
the rising of that penis is a master stroke. Beautifully crafted video, brilliant, Thanks
Dave Dickgirl lover
katibi - 1316 days ago
Absolutely amazing, Rikolo. Your videos are my absolute favourite 3d animations, EVER! Great work! And thanks to Vaako for a great model. I'm looking forward to seeing much more.
Muze - 1382 days ago
Hi Rikolo, you only need to hit the 'report spam' link once please...
Winterwind - 1399 days ago
Jesus, this is God tier! Good job!
Rikolo - 1406 days ago
Well I was considering it, but I don't own any of the models. I guess I could set up donations page but dunno if it's worth the hassle :D