The Gift pt.2 (Futa on Femboy, feat.Female) by Captain Ameba

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7 days ago, 7666 views
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GARGANTYUA - 2 days ago
Продолжение достойное;)) Пока ничего подобного я не видел. Ждем новинок, желаю творческих успехов;)))
MestudoF - 5 days ago
Everything is fantastic except the faces which i find slightly off-putting, but that's purely subjective.
theseekerofh - 5 days ago
The animation was pretty damn good! The whole keeping it in the family theme was a bit out there but serviceable. I'm normally not into femboy content but you made the model look so feminine, that it was easy for me to just make my brain think they were just another futa. Honestly though just my opinion if you made more futa x futa or futa x female with this level of polish you'd be golden in support. You'd definitely have mine. Anyways nicely done Cap! Looking forward to seeing what you produce next!
carl246 - 5 days ago
Excellent job and when it's put together with the extra bits it's superb. Nice job man.
Logan89 - 6 days ago
I almost wish there was another version of this, with the mother x daughter, only because not a fan of the whole femboy thing or futa x male unless it’s the classic futa. But still if you ever do another version of Futa mom x daughter let us all know because the animation and storyline are excellent and it’s one of those rare things you never really find. What animation program are you using? Damn I wish I could create something even for amusement like this. The end scene with the DP on the cousin was well worth it indeed.
glennjisan - 6 days ago
Not a "fan" of Futa sagas ... but, your animation is great. Keep it up ... I'll cope. : )
Cafeh - 6 days ago
Amazing ! Keep going,you are incredible.
ganzback - 6 days ago