Adventures in Babysitting

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Howdo - 146 days ago
I believe this was done by Ghoul Master, this particular comic is called babysitter. Took me ages to find out who it was.
shanesin - 461 days ago
@ 3:43 the boy's face reminds me of aphex twins' 'window licker' song. haha
likesfuta - 540 days ago
Great combos.
cjmoore25 - 625 days ago
Anyone know who made these renders?
thedon1932 - 657 days ago
very fine work ,
DietRite2u - 663 days ago
Excellent touch with the music.

Enigma's Mea Culpa. So fitting
Aguni - 663 days ago
What's the song? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!!