Coliseum of Lust-StudioFOW

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qazmlp - 683 days ago
Johnboy2002 - 738 days ago
Very Horny :-)
wolfyboy - 1045 days ago
it's to bad that they can never break them. :(
MadMaze01 - 1222 days ago
I can't seem to get the video. All I see is a black screen.
callisto - 1231 days ago
*NEWS* StudioFOW are now hiring Voice Actresses or women wanting to voice act. If you are interested Please follow the link here -
ksws0493539 - 1245 days ago
Madblade12 - 1339 days ago
40 thumbs up
TheriusTale - 1346 days ago
@Mattdark Freedom of speech and Expression lies upon the government, not industries. Blizzard do hold the rights to withdraw what content they see fit connecting to theirs but they've hardly done so. And I think because many other creations aren't as long as this, if this was one of them - first time I see it appear after the announcement that it was in the making.

@Toki Warlords of Draenor being the newest release, isn't part of the future lore but allows us to meet the past lore, but in a different timeline.
ScytheRexx - 1347 days ago
@Mattdark, blame kotaku
mattdark - 1347 days ago
@TheriusTale - The freedom of speech/expression thing is to do with the claims that Blizzard is trying to do what they can to remove all traces of this video.

StudioFOW have removed most references to this creation from their site, and word is a lot of public videos are being removed.
Though I do wonder why so many other WoW creations don't seem to get this sort of problem.