Lollipop Effect 2

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LOVER_ofFREE - 350 days ago
so you the one who gives my dick hard on in 1 sec
likesfuta - 592 days ago
I wish I could be part of that
rory - 649 days ago
can't get HD on my mac
MsLewd - 732 days ago
whenever i type a long comment it say "please dont spam"
MsLewd - 732 days ago
only 45 comments
Maximalmouse202 - 838 days ago
Wish there was a part 3, love your work and cant wait for more with Miranda
Esexy - 1098 days ago
Please check your messages, I have sent you something for you to read.
joezombie - 1309 days ago
@Rikolo Hey thanks for the reply the screenshot was enough for me to work with I appreciate the response keep up the good work
Rikolo - 1335 days ago
@joezombie unfortunately 90% of the sound, including the music is done by someone else, I don't know the songs :( Best I can do is show you this screenshot of the timeline he sent me, maybe you can make out some of the song names.