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ShineSL - 98 days ago
(((Happy Valentines Day Pin-UP =^.^=)))

Hi =^.^=,

This Pin-UP is my little gift for You on Valentine's Day, Hope - You would like it =^.~=

For more info about this Pin-UP -

And here FULL version -
ShineSL - 151 days ago

Hi =^.^=,

first of all - I would like to wish You a merry Christmas, and I hope - that you will perfectly meet this holiday! =^.~=

I also ask You not to abuse alcohol for this holiday, if You do not want to get into a similar situation as my vixen did!... :P

Thanks You, and, once again - Merry Christmas! =^.^=
warships69 - 353 days ago
add this on vixen or bovine.
ShineSL - 416 days ago
(( Happy Easter's Pin-Up ))

Hi =^.^=,

What can I say... Well, this was not to simple to find good lights, since characters has different colors, but I giess - I did chose good ones ^.^...

Can't say that this is one of my best works, but I did tried to make it hot, so I hope - you would like it =^.^=

To watch full set of Adult Pin-Up Pics - Please - use this links - (Do need to have account) ; ( Do not need to have account )

To watch full set of Mature Pin-Up Pics - Please - use this link - ( Pics are attached to this post )
ShineSL - 418 days ago
! Exclusive content !

Two hardcore vids gonna be avaliable soon :

- Love & metal; the young ferrari meets three healthy trucks! [Link on the pic - ]

- DA WAE; The militant uganda's guy finally find his princess! [Link on the pic - ]

! Thank you for attention ! :)
ShineSL - 465 days ago
Hi ^.^,

Well, I just could not miss the opportunity to create something naughty on this Hollyday, so here is some Pin-Up to tease You a bit =^.~=

Happy Valentine's Day! =^.^=

P.S. Valentine's Day Pin-Up can be seen in more good quality at: and
ShineSL - 515 days ago
Christmas Pin-Up (With RedLotus) =^.^=

First of all - I want to wish You Merry Christmas, also as hope that You would lovely spend Your Holidays as well! =^.^=

Second - About Pin-Up. I did take shots of green lovely vixen , and if You wish to see full set of the pics from that Pin-Up - Please - visit - (to see - new to have account there)

(Do not shy to visit my as well :P) Thankies =^.^=
Foxconn - 635 days ago
I like your videos shine
ShineSL - 774 days ago
Hi people! While I again do have some problems with DMCA on Pornhub (thanks to trolls and their false DMCA tickets) - I do moving on my Xvideos channel -,videos-best , so if you wish to see all my new video projects in open data - please - visit me there!

Thank you for attention,

Your Naughty ShineSL =^.^=
ShineSL - 829 days ago
Happy Valentine's Day =^.^=

I wish you meet that day amazing, and spend it with the people who love you! =^.^=


Your naughty ShineSL =^.~=