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It's Alive - Part One
759 days ago
Word of Whorecraft - Episode 1
949 days ago
Merry XXXmas
1071 days ago
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rdxphnm - 60 days ago
add me friend
Wallace108 - 743 days ago
Hey is this guy still retired or has he gone back to his work
Moutd - 761 days ago
supposedly this 31/10 nick will gonna put a video called Its Alive Pt. 1
on his twitter
anatsa - 776 days ago
Well, back on Patreon, but maybe not here, what with some unrequired lynching by some... Must be hard to find the motivation in providing others with pleasurable FREE contents just to witness afterwards so little compassion and sympathy expressed in return...

As for me, I just wish there were other means (unknown to me) than Patreon so as to be able to send Nick some kind of monetary gratification in acknowledgement of the good he does to us all, although a 'classic' secure 'pay-per-content' purchase system for getting access to each of his work would be best IMHO.
Moutd - 787 days ago
nick probably back
GUnit - 873 days ago
Honestly he should release the Lara With Two Monsters Remake here. A lot of people gave him money and support on Patreon and for him to just turn his back on his fans and even there was rumours of him removing pledges over petty reasons.
He should honestly release the remake here as compensation, or at least someone dm me it.
A shame the community was really about to get behind him too.
shadowolf007 - 882 days ago
Jun 7th, 2021, nickcockman announced his retirement from making videos due to burnout. Let's wish him good luck & hope to see him again sometime in the future.
xRick90x - 1023 days ago
Great IDEA!! Lara with Two Monsters Remake !!
s7596330 - 1063 days ago
Can U make Lara with Two Monsters remake? It's my Favorite video.
salyhero - 1069 days ago
Hi, Buddy.
Your Videos Are Great.
If May, Create Futa videos, too. OR NTR.
Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday To You.