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Daddy - 5 hours ago
Can you add me? I'm interested in your videos
Dastaux - 1 days ago
rly interested to see you're work can you add me ?
callisto - 30 days ago
Its refreshing to see someone, who is very politically aware about censorship and cultural war issues.
UndercityIV - 33 days ago
Yeah, the real issue is that a lot of these sites are being hijacked by SJW morons nowadays and they want to force policies and implement a bunch of bullshit Puritan laws on these sites. It's especially bad for websites that are located in Western Europe, United States, etc. These places are getting to the point where they wish it was still the Dark Ages where you could be murdered just for being interested in certain things they feel is impure, immoral, or a threat to society.

I was banned from Deviant Art in 2017 just because of my artwork was "explicit" but they are absolutely fine with violence, as long as it isn't sexual violence. But go ahead and cut a man's head off his shoulders and shove it up his ass, they are perfectly cool with it...Goddamn stupid ass hypocrites trying to run the world. Make me sick.
callisto - 33 days ago
Its possible MEGA has changed and gotten better. In late 2014 or early 2015, when I used it. That was NOT the case. They did purge atleast 2 CCs by I think being false flagged, who complained on tumblr about it. My situation was I got on and all (even my had nothing to do with anything related to porn content) was gone.
UndercityIV - 33 days ago
You said Megaupload took down your stuff? Funny, I happen to know lots of artist that post their loli/shota, monster rape, beastality animation stuff on megaupload and they never did squat to their accounts. Which megaupload did you upload it to? If it's one hosted in the U.S. or some other shit storm censorship supporting site then that's why it happened. But if its then I doubt it was them that did it. They already said that they can't keep track of all the stuff that gets uploaded to their servers because so many people post there on an international scale.
mufasas111 - 41 days ago
your work looks pretty dope. add me so I can skip work :P
Bombero22 - 46 days ago
add me as a friend, i want to see your work
6DarkRaven9 - 48 days ago
try or google drive
trigunxkeal123 - 48 days ago
i love what you're posting.. i sent an invite pls accept