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Foxentail - 17 days ago
The link to your mods no longer works!
TheFeydakin - 74 days ago
I have posted some screenshots of the mods I had installed for these video's
Blablabla - 120 days ago
What mods are you using for this video ?
TheFeydakin - 126 days ago
I am having trouble uploading here lately. Until it's sorted I am still posting on IwaraTV and Pornhub.
TheFeydakin - 178 days ago
Disclaimer: The content of my video does not reflect the content of Timestamps. Only the lead character is based on Juliana the lead character from Timestamps.
tester991 - 205 days ago
you are awesome! thank you
TheFeydakin - 206 days ago
Link to load order file. I have created photo album of screens showing mods installed.!86w33S7S!MsFYQvdlNyaYN6AeJjGKz71BAExuy44-MGmf1UBwg7w
tester991 - 207 days ago
trying to get a template to start with . The list of mods would be good if load order is not stable. Was going to pick and choose what I load from your list
TheFeydakin - 209 days ago
Posting Load order will for FO4 will have to wait for fresh install. My load order at the moment has become a little unstable, some elements not working correctly.

The Content of my Video's in no way represents the content of Timestamps
tester991 - 209 days ago
your work is superb!

you mind posting your fallout 4 mod list/order? would really appreciate it.