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bengin342 - 14 hours ago
Sure it may be forced but the girls are fuckin sluts and end up wanting it which makes it soo hot. It's not the same as nonsensical stuff. Plus there's a lot of forced content from James Deen and stuff but I guess it's different because they're industry. Amateur forced is one thing cause it could be real but cartoon and industry stuff is obviously fantasy.
UndercityIV - 22 hours ago
Pornhub is shitty, they censor a lot of words too
spandicks - 1 days ago
Hey great stuff, do you upload anywhere else ive been tryingt to download but im having trouble on NM
Love_Wolf - 1 days ago
Also @Bengin342 pornhub doesn't allow Forced content. They will allow rough or bdsm but no forced. It wont even pull anything up if you try to search Forced.
Love_Wolf - 1 days ago
@angelfire004 Thanks I will warn you Xvideo wants a lot of info to join up there. I'm not going to become a verified member there. I will still post there tho.
Love_Wolf - 1 days ago
@Bengin342 I make them private so it doesn't waste anyone's time. Most people come here just to Fap lol.
bengin342 - 1 days ago
I'm curious why make the story stuff private? Are you gonna upload more of your stuff on xvideos especially the older stuff? The quality is so much better there. This site is good for finding you guys but not watching. Also why did those other sites remove you? I wouldn't expect anyone getting removed from pornhub.
angelfire004 - 2 days ago
I think I'm gonna creat a account to xvideo, because I don't want to miss something from you, I really enjoy your work !
UndercityIV - 2 days ago
Yeah, only one thing though, the animation does look a lot more stiffer than your male on female material. For some reason that futa wasn't tearing into that pussy hard enough lol. She hesitated hahahaha.
Love_Wolf - 2 days ago
LOL thanks undercity i replied to you in my messages. It took me awhile to get the look that I wanted with the Ghouls but it was worth it.