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Tytus2000 - 13 hours ago
Did you work at new episode?
You did't answer me early.
BlackSheepOvca - 22 hours ago
FR 7 is the "Revenge" episode with Angel girl.
Anderline0 - 4 days ago
Hey BlackSheepOvca, can you post family rules 7 again here?
Oscar - 14 days ago
I hope 11 will be really good I really enjoying family rules and hope 11 coming out soon cannot wait keep up the great work bso
BlackSheepOvca - 15 days ago
Thank you, Silver12 =)
Tytus2000 - 18 days ago
When you add next episode family rules?
We are waiting so long
TheDingDonger - 18 days ago
Lol I didn't really think that hard about it. I just wanted to know if we will ever have Nancy specifically say something about liking sex with Josh's mom.
Silver12 - 19 days ago
I wish Josh would still take a stand against his mom though, I think him fucking Nancy's mom is perfect revenge against Nancy but he still hasn't gotten revenge against his mom. They got married and episode 6 was supposed to be Nancy and his mom's "last time" but Josh's mom still tricks her way into it still happening. He had to stop his mom from pulling anything on him by handcuffing himself and Nancy together but still hasn't really gotten good revenge on his mom. I love your vids a lot BSO you're one of the only reasons I still come to this site.
Silver12 - 19 days ago
I believe it's just the same as what happens in hentai sometimes, they're about to be raped and don't want it at first and then as they start to feel pleasured they enjoy it. The mom also probably uses her demon powers to influence them too but that's just my theory. Nancy continues to accept her and in other things we see like the Christmas thing with Melanie she wasn't enjoying getting fucked by everyone else but as we saw in the family rules vid about the rent she did the same thing Nancy did. Not liking being raped in the beginning but as it kept happening she was not fighting as hard or anything just accepting it and starting to like it. We haven't seen anything from Nancy and the mom since Family Rules 8 but from there and the mom forcing Nancy to play that game with her I'd say she's pretty willing to just get fucked by Josh's mom with no problem. She knows it's wrong and not what Josh wants by just seeing her get jealous when he's fucking her mom.
BlackSheepOvca - 24 days ago
Thank you =)