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1471 days ago
[The following update has been completed, and more small improvements are on the way.]


The main improvements to Naughty Machinima include HTML5 support which will remove the reliance on Flash as a video playing technology.  Additionally,  NM will now be functional on mobile and tablet devices, and will have a separate mobile friendly interface from PC/Mac.  Also the interface will be adaptable to various screen sizes and devices.

1610 days ago
Hello NM users.  I am planning an upgrade to the site which will aim to accomplish two main changes:

1. Allow the site to work and videos to be viewable on tablets/phones/other devices besides PC.  (HTML5)

2. Fix the new issue where Chrome is forcing Naughty Machinima into the mobile version.


Please note that even though there is currently a "mobile version" of the site's software, it was an unfinished feature, and isn't functional.


I will update with more details, and other improvements that may result from upgrading, in the near future.

1889 days ago
I just want to thank our great community here for helping out with moderation and letting me know when something isn't appropriate.  I unfortunately don't always have the time to keep tabs on everything here, but try to address issues when I can.  DON'T ABUSE THE FLAG BUTTONS.  But if it's not machinima or if it's spam or otherwise inappropriate then it doesn't belong here.

1962 days ago
Hello Naughty Machinima users, here are the latest and greatest improvements to the site.



You now can delete your own videos, right from your profile area.  This action is permanent and CANNOT be reversed so please use with care!




Older videos (before Nov 2013) now seek anywhere in the video (instead of nowhere).  You can click anywhere in the location bar below the video to jump ahead if you like.


If you had problems with this format previously, now SD might be the wrong aspect ratio, but HD should look correct and full screen is no longer needed.



Descriptions and comments on old videos restored (potentially) but either way an area for your video description will be added so you can include any text info regarding your video, instead of only the comments and title.


If you have any suggestions or feedback leave a comment below!

1989 days ago
Latest changes:

The mp4 issue is mostly resolved.  SD is the wrong aspect ratio, but HD should look correct and full screen is no longer needed.  This is for NEW mp4 uploads only.  I will soon have a solution to replace existing mp4 videos, once I solve the SD aspect issue.


Private video thumbnails no longer show up in public view.



A description area like before, on uploaded videos, so you have a place for text and info about your upload.

Better tags to allow for phrases

Various technical improvements




Premium option to allow for larger, high quality uploads and more user space