31 days ago
I have added 1080p as an upload option as well as increased the file size limit to 500MB. Of course this only affects new uploads. Creators should take note and upload new content accordingly.

I have also reduced advertising throughout, and particularly those using the mobile version of the site should have a better experience.

I am working on a simple system that will allow those who are interested to pay a small fee to remove all advertising while viewing the site.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for continuing to watch and contribute on Naughty Machinima.
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Xelphos - 19 days ago
How do you even watch anything anymore... I don't have AdBlock on but videos wont ever load because the ads wont ever load.. it happens on every single video... this used to be one of my favorite sites but i literally cannot watch anything on it at all anymore...
marathonissi - 22 days ago
dogsareneat - 24 days ago
thank god! the ads were so pervasive and off putting, i had basically stopped using the site for a while
DepressionFap - 26 days ago
Bro tysm I had to stop using the site due to mobile ad piles, which sucked because it’s great n kinda niche. Really appreciate the quality of life updates
Philjr999 - 26 days ago
TheLegend4510 - 27 days ago
Thank god, dude! Ads were so annoying on my tablet!
thunderchicken - 28 days ago
Crighten - 28 days ago
Thank you
nash2680 - 29 days ago
Vegeta - 29 days ago
Thank you~