129 days ago
I have added 1080p as an upload option as well as increased the file size limit to 500MB. Of course this only affects new uploads. Creators should take note and upload new content accordingly.

I have also reduced advertising throughout, and particularly those using the mobile version of the site should have a better experience.

I am working on a simple system that will allow those who are interested to pay a small fee to remove all advertising while viewing the site.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for continuing to watch and contribute on Naughty Machinima.
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Creationatl - 8 days ago
How can I download vids to my cell & laptop ?
DarkCurator - 42 days ago
Maybe include a playlist to organize uplaoded videos for next update and a banner option for profile page? I would like those, just some feedback
dio92105 - 102 days ago
junwang123 - 103 days ago
princeS - 107 days ago
thanx :)
Kasbar - 109 days ago
Pls add me
Keylly - 109 days ago
I can't upload file 227 mb, to the site.
Format .mp4
Muze - 110 days ago
So you're having an issue uploading? Not viewing videos?
In that case you need to tell me what file format(s) you are uploading, not your browser etc.
Different issue. And 200+ is fine if it's also 500-
Are they under 500mb?
Keylly - 111 days ago
Opera 66.0.3515.72
Firefox 73.0
Chrome 80.0.3987.100
all for Windows 10

I can't upload files 200+ mb
Remains at 60 percent, and does not move further. And so you can wait indefinitely.
Muze - 112 days ago
If you're posting here having issues watching videos, then include your browser, OS, and device, or I can't troubleshoot anything.
There are no ads in the middle of the vid, I don't know what you're referring to