1316 days ago
Naughty Machinima has been updated with larger hard drives.  The regular flow of incoming videos was filling up the disks, but now there is plenty of room again.
Second, you may have seen some information in your member page about a premium option coming soon.  This will be launched as soon as its ready.
Finally,  there will be some new guidelines regarding advertising and URLs which I will provide details on soon, and allowing for better promotion for those who want it.
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BuckledBoots - 1133 days ago
Trying to log in gets pop-up pages, and pop-under pages. I counted at least 3 before being able to finally sign in. Then two others when trying to check out my inbox/request pages. Is there something going on b/c it wasn't like that previously. Is becoming a member/premium going to change the amount of adverts/pop-ups?
Ben10 - 1134 days ago
same thing for me too
Crimson8 - 1138 days ago
Yeah whatever update you guys did makes it so I can't watch videos or see thumbnails now.
Ziggurat - 1150 days ago
I can't get the site to work at all on Microsoft Edge. Used to work just fine.. Now it keeps saying The Type of Video isn't Supported on the bottom of every video. Even though the thumbnail vids still scan through every few seconds.
Yaguri - 1260 days ago
I'd also like to know if there is a way to watch without turning off flash. Cause that doesn't seem to work.
paintedcount - 1262 days ago
is heir anyway to watch without turning of flash