1236 days ago
Recently there was an upgrade to a new server.  This was completed mid March.  This entire website along with several other sites were transferred over to newer, faster equipment, with updated software and operating system.  There is twice as much hard drive space available now, as the drives were getting full from all the uploads. The videos load much more quickly now as well.  This new server is almost three times the cost however, and I can only hope that it is sustainable.
The Streaming Mod that allows one to skip ahead in videos before they are finished loading, is not installed.  With the videos loading so quickly (and hopefully for most of you as well), I don't know that it's completely necessary.  If enough users request it, I will reconsider, although it's not free.
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genericanon - 1042 days ago
I don't know where I should post this, but for some reason my account was deleted. I wasn't given a reason why, just, all of my posts were suddenly deleted and all my videos taken down. Is there anything I should do on my end to get everything back up? Or should I just deal with having a blank account.
stealthdruid88 - 1148 days ago
The user

Has been posting comments on peoples profile pages which forces anyone visiting their profile pages to be forced to a new website. A lot of people have already been hit by this. Proof of this is the link below.

Yoko_puff - 1153 days ago
I keep getting error saying im spamming when i post in the comments of videos .
wildcard11111 - 1159 days ago
what is this error This video is not available on this platform
Muze - 1231 days ago
@zonetai69 - That's most likely unrelated. The transfer and updated server was on Mar 9 and the upgrade to this website's software was on Mar 18. However PM with your IP address if you don't mind, and I can see if something else is up.