1578 days ago
Hello NM users.  I am planning an upgrade to the site which will aim to accomplish two main changes:

1. Allow the site to work and videos to be viewable on tablets/phones/other devices besides PC.  (HTML5)
2. Fix the new issue where Chrome is forcing Naughty Machinima into the mobile version.
Please note that even though there is currently a "mobile version" of the site's software, it was an unfinished feature, and isn't functional.
I will update with more details, and other improvements that may result from upgrading, in the near future.
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Lolita - 193 days ago
Hi, how replace my profile pic avatar, with another one ?
Yaguri - 826 days ago
I'm rather curious as to when this issue with Chrome will be resolved? Cause it honestly doesn't seem like it has been resolved.
Phillip1995 - 913 days ago
I have a S7 Edge and no matter what, every time I click on a video, it won't load at all. It will just sit there on a black screen and not do anything. What's going on?
Muze - 1483 days ago
Yes, as I said, that will be fixed as a result of the next update
Terno - 1538 days ago
It is not possible to open the video via AVS mobile Version. On iPhones and iPads open a blank page, open the possibility of the full version of the site is not, re-opens the AVS mobile Version. Is there a way to fix it, to make possible a link to the full version of the site.

Sorry for bad english, translator Google.