Advantages of Robotics 5

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USAgent - 11 days ago
A return to your original form. God damn. Nice.
HarambesSpirit - 11 days ago
HD doesn't work...
carvangar - 12 days ago
Awesome work! :D
kingddas - 12 days ago
Is download ?
Lady_MC24 - 19 days ago
Ugh I loved this. There happen to be a song list or something? That music...I need it in my life! :D
Hizel13 - 20 days ago
Love it ❤
Keep workt!!
DMT - 20 days ago
Mr_Fap - 20 days ago
Try to get more blowjobs and facefuckings in, just sex gets boring after a while
Bloodly - 20 days ago
Seems they're trial-ing a new robot model. Full-female and more human-looking. But it's not as popular as the older model.

Now, how to justify the whole 'they're apparently seducers and guards' thing. Especially given Psylocke's in there.

There's a few instances of the fucked looking into the camera as though they know they're being watched, and I wonder if those are deliberate.
SavageHenry - 21 days ago
Amazing, easily your best work yet Dalgen. Bravo. Is there a place where we could download this is high quality perhaps?


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