A Gurl Meet A Girl

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pbingley - 401 days ago
Awesome. Thanks a lot for letting me know PaoloJulius. I appreciate it.
PaoloJulius - 401 days ago
..and thanks LuckyLula..I love you too :)
PaoloJulius - 401 days ago
thanks pbinglei, the Name is Alaclair Ensemble and the title of the song is "Intergalatique"
pbingley - 402 days ago
Good stuff. What is the name and artist of that song? My limited french fails me... Thanks.
LuckyLula - 403 days ago
Love the video, love QuinnYing, love PaoloJulius ;)
PaoloJulius - 404 days ago
thanks Quinn...
QuinnYing - 404 days ago
Lovely job Julius, very well done hunni